Transnational Asia Pacific: Gender, Culture, and the Public Sphere

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Larry E. Smith
Wimal Dissanayake


This timely collection provides a critical transnational perspective on some of the complex cultural effects of emerging global capitalisms and modernities in the Asia Pacific region. Geographically, this vast territory encompasses Japan, the newly industrialized states of East Asia and China, the Southeast Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, the South Sea Islands, and the Pacific coast of North America. Culturally and conceptually, its reach is even more extensive. Departing from the exclusive focus on economic and political issues that has dominated analysis of the region, "Transnational Asia Pacific" assesses the relation of gender to development, education, and culture'.'Contributors explore the psychosocial and linguistic processes through which women's selves are constructed, the role of popular culture and mass media in shaping new female identities, and the consequences for men's and women's lives of the state's response to modernization and global capitalism. Cutting to the heart of key cultural issues, "Transnational Asia Pacific" advances our understanding of the dynamics of cultural globalization and their impacts on Asian social communities. This landmark publication fills the last large gap in documenting the life of Abraham Lincoln: his quarter-century career as a general practice attorney in Illinois'.'Gathering nearly 100,000 court documents from over 120 repositories and private collections, this invaluable resource provides full and convenient access to the complete documentary record of Lincoln's legal career. The enhanced facsimile edition combines an enormous corpus of digitized documentary images with a custom-designed database, a comprehensive index, and an array of reference and background sections. A user can find cases and other legal materials in a variety of ways and search for historical topics such as African Americans, debt, railroads, and women as litigants'.'For each case a narrative summary is provided, along with subject entries and information about the various court levels in which it was tried. Exhaustive in its coverage and meticulous in its accuracy, this authoritative electronic edition is indispensable to Lincoln scholars and admirers. A rich new source that documents a typical antebellum western law practice and the everyday disputes of thousands of citizens, "The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln" is also a boon for legal and social historians.

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Champaign, IL


University of Illinois Press

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