Department Administration

The English department is governed by a chair assisted by a number of standing committees and department officers. Each committee seats graduate student representatives elected annually by the graduate student body.

Academic Year 2018-2019


Department Chair
Enda Duffy

Administrative Committee
Enda Duffy, Chair
Julie Carlson
James Kearney
Ben Olguin
Rita Raley
Heather Blurton, ex-officio
Teresa Shewry, ex-officio 

Medieval Search Committee
Heather Blurton, Chair
James Kearney
Andrew Griffin
Enda Duffy
Cynthia Brown (W)

Diversity Officer (for Search):
Bernadette Andrea

Graduate Placement
Rachael King
Glyn Salton-Cox

TA Advisor Panel
Elizabeth Cook, Chair
Maurizia Boscagli
Bishnuprya Ghosh
James Kearney

Graduate Committee
Heather Blurton, Chair
Maurizia Boscagli
Bernadette Andrea
Felica Blake (S)

Jeannine De Lombard
Andrew Griffin
Kay Young

Diversity Officer (Grad)
Ben Olguin

Undergraduate Committee
Teresa Shewry, Chair
Melody Jue
Brian Donelly
Sowon Park

Curricular Growth Sub-Comm.
Candace Waid, Chair
Janis  Caldwell
Alan Liu
Ken Hiltner

Creative Writing Sub-Comm.
Cherrie Moraga, Chair
Stephanie Batiste

Technology and Social Media Committtee 
Alan Liu, Chair
Jeremy Douglas
Rita Raley

Evaluation Committee
Russell Somalsky, Grad.Section
Chris Newfield, Undergrad Section

EAP Representative
Maurizia Boscagli

Faculty  Leglisature Representative
William Warner

Library Liaison
Mark Maslan