ENGL 194

Official Course Title: 

Research Seminar in Literature and Culture of Information


A prior course in English 146AA-ZZ or 147AA-ZZ or 148AA-ZZ series. (If you have taken lower-division courses in the Literature and Culture of Information specialization, including English 10LCI and English 25, and would like to use those as your prerequis


Team based independent research under the supervision of a faculty member on issues related to contemporary or historical cultures of technology, media, and information including the topics covered in English 146AA-ZZ, 147AA-ZZ, and 148AA-ZZ. Student work in teams and conduct research using methods that involve online and library research; simulations, hypertexts, games, videos, and other experimental ways of modeling literary works; exploring immersive online worlds; etc. Results are put online in a course wiki, blog or other publication medium managed by the English department.