Spring 2018 (Tentative)

Monday, April 2, 2018 to Friday, June 15, 2018
Course Number Title Instructor
ENGL 10 Introduction to Literary Study Griffin, Andrew
ENGL 11 Uses of Literature: Against Islamophobia Ghosh, Bishnupriya
ENGL 50 Introduction to U.S. Minority Literature Blake, Felice
ENGL 103B British Literature from 1789 to 1900 Carlson, Julie
ENGL 104A American Literature from 1900 to Present Huang, Yunte
ENGL 114EM Early Modern Writers Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn
ENGL 122EE Cultural Representations: British Comedy and the End of Empire Salton-Cox, Glyn
ENGL 124 The Modern Short Story Warner, William
ENGL 128AF Literary Genres: Animal Fiction Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 128FT Literary Genres: Fairy Tales Zinn, Emily
ENGL 134IA Studies in Literature of Cultural and Ethnic Communities in the United States: Immigrant Autobiography Rana, Swati
ENGL 140 Contemporary American Literature Jue, Melody
ENGL 147OM Media History and Theory: Ocean Media Jue, Melody
ENGL 165AS Animal Stories Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 165HR Human Rights and Literature Gutiérrez-Jones, Carl
ENGL 165PL Prison Literature Blake, Felice
ENGL 169 18th Century Drama Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn
ENGL 179 British Romantic Writers Donelan, James
ENGL 192 Science Fiction Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: Jane Austen Warner, William
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: Speculative Trauma Gutiérrez-Jones, Carl
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: What is (Early) Modernity? Griffin, Andrew
ENGL 198H Honors English Senior Thesis Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 235 Avant-garde Poetics Huang, Yunte
ENGL 236 Mind, Gender, Sexuality
ENGL 236 Scabs and Radicals Salton-Cox, Glyn