Winter 2018 (Tentative)

Monday, January 8, 2018 to Friday, March 23, 2018
Course Number Title Instructor
ENGL 10 Introduction to Literary Study Douglass, Jeremy
ENGL 18 Intro to Public Speaking Donelan, James
ENGL 102 English and American Literature from 1650-1789 King, Rachael Scarborough
ENGL 104B British Literature from 1900 to Present Boscagli, Maurizia
ENGL 105B Shakespeare, Later Plays Rose, Mark
ENGL 108AP Advanced Public Speaking Enders, Jody
ENGL 122AP Cultural Representations: Literature and the Environment - Imagining Asia and the Pacific Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 122SW Science, Environmental, and Nature Writing Meyers, Talya
ENGL 122WE Cultural Representations: Water Imaginations Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 128EN Going Postal: Epistolary Narrative Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn
ENGL 128GN Literary Genres: Graphic Novel & Trauma Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 128SN Literary Genres: Slave Narrative DeLombard, Jeannine Marie
ENGL 133TL Studies in American Regional Literature: Transpacific Literature Huang, Yunte
ENGL 136 17th and 18th Century American Literature DeLombard, Jeannine Marie
ENGL 149 Media and Information Culture Liu, Alan
ENGL 151JA Studies in British Writers: Young Jane Austen Young, Kay
ENGL 165LW Life Writing: Theory, Texts, and Creative Non-Fiction Lim, Shirley Geok-Lin
ENGL 165NA Topics in Literature: Native American Waid, Candace
ENGL 170LM Studies in Literature and the Mind: Literature and Medicine Caldwell, Janis
ENGL 170MB Studies in Literature and the Mind: Mind and Brain Park, Sowon S
ENGL 170MT Studies in Literature and the Mind: The Meaning of Life Young, Kay
ENGL 176PL Performance of Literature Batiste, Stephanie
ENGL 181LV Late Victorian Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 185 Modernism in English Park, Sowon S
ENGL 192 Science Fiction Jue, Melody
ENGL 193 Detective Fiction Newfield, Christopher
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: Beowulf Blurton, Heather
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: Ecofictions Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: J.M. Coetzee Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: TBD Newfield, Christopher
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: TBD Boscagli, Maurizia
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Seminar: The Rhetoric of Climate Change Hiltner, Ken
ENGL 230 Medieval Romance Blurton, Heather
ENGL 231 Ethical Experience, Premodern Drama Kearney, James
ENGL 232 Eighteenth-Century Lives King, Rachael Scarborough
ENGL 236 Cognitive Approaches to World Lit Park, Sowon S
ENGL 236 Feminist / Queer Science Studies Jue, Melody