Graduate students are eligible to live on campus in San Clemente Villages (for single graduate students) and in Family Student Housing (for graduate students with a partner and/or a family). New single graduate students are guaranteed housing for two years as long as they adhere to application procedures and deadlines each year. There are often waiting lists for family student housing, so apply early. You need not wait for acceptance to the graduate program before applying for housing. See the UCSB Housing & Residential Services website for more information.

Many graduate students also live off campus in Santa Barbara, Ellwood Beach and Goleta. You can search apartment listings for all of the communities surrounding campus through craigslist for Santa Barbara. The UCSB Housing & Residential Services also maintains a listing for housing in the communities surrounding campus that is free for students to use.

It's important to note that housing in Santa Barbara is somewhat scarce and expensive, so be prepared to plan ahead.