The Christopher Michaels-Martinez Memorial Scholarship


Friday, March 17, 2017




SH 3432-B

The English Department is pleased to call for applications regarding the Christopher Michaels-Martinez Memorial Scholarship, to be conferred this Spring 2017.

The successful applicant will be in their second or third year at UCSB (or their first year if a transfer student). They will satisfy the purpose of the Fund, which is to support undergraduate students enrolled as English majors who are actively engaged in promoting social justice through language and/or written expression. The applicant should also demonstrate financial need and academic merit.

The scholarship is designed to help the recipient reduce the cost of attending UCSB in the amount of approximately $2000. These funds will be used to reduce the recipient's work/loan commitment and will not impact existing grants or scholarships.

Please see the information flier and application for more details.

The due date is Friday, March 17th at 3:00pm to SH 3432-B.