Sunday, September 22, 2019 to Friday, December 13, 2019
Course Number Title Instructor
ENGL 10 Introduction to Literary Study Ghosh, Bishnupriya
ENGL 15 Introduction to Shakespeare Kearney, James
ENGL 22 Literature and the Environment Hiltner, Ken
ENGL 36 Global Humanities Carlson, Julie
ENGL 50 (SOON TO BE ENGL 34) Pan-Latinx Literatures of Transformation Olguín, Ben
ENGL 65WW World Wide Wests: The Global Western in Film and Literature Wicke, Jennifer
ENGL 103B British Literature from 1789 to 1900 Carlson, Julie
ENGL 104A American Literature from 1900 to Present Maslan, Mark
ENGL 104B British Literature from 1900 to Present Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 123 Rise of the American Novel DeLombard, Jeannine Marie
ENGL 128EN Going Postal: Epistolary Narratives Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn
ENGL 131 Racism, Law & the Press: Richard Wright's Native Son DeLombard, Jeannine Marie
ENGL 132PR Studies in American Writers: Philip Roth Maslan, Mark
ENGL 148RS Reading with Scientists: How to Export Literature Droge, Abigail
ENGL 165AT (SOON TO BE ENGL 106A) Writing for Performance Moraga, Cherríe
ENGL 165PP Poetry and Painting Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 170MB Mind, Brain and Literature Park, Sowon S
ENGL 175GW Pro-Seminar: Grant Writing Olguín, Ben
ENGL 189 Post-Obama American Literature Raley, Rita
ENGL 193 Detective Fiction Newfield, Christopher
ENGL 197 Affect and the City: Millennial Literatures of Los Angeles Batiste, Stephanie
ENGL 197 Indigenous Literatures and Ecology Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 197 The Post-Literary Condition Raley, Rita
ENGL 231 Shakespeare's Feelings Kearney, James
ENGL 236 (SOON TO BE ENGL 237) Jobs and Genre: The Case of Crime Fiction and Composition Newfield, Christopher
ENGL 236 Studies in Literary Criticism and Theory Boscagli, Maurizia
ENGL 238 The Humanities and Data Science Liu, Alan
ENGL 265BM Sensorium Noir: African American Literature, Performance, and Culture Batiste, Stephanie
ENGL 265GW Advanced Grants & Fellowships Olguín, Ben
ENGL 591 Doctoral Colloquium Duffy, Enda