English and American Literature from 1650 to 1789

Course Number: ENGL 102
Prerequisites: Writing 2, or 50, or 109, or English 10 or upper-division standing
General Education Areas Fulfilled: Check on GOLD
Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 102
Quarter: Spring 2013
Instructor: Donelan, James
Day(s): TR
Time: 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM
Location: SH 1430

Not open for credit to students who have completed English 30.

This course in British and American literature of the 1660s through the 1790s will examine ideas of authority, freedom, colonialism, and the nature of civil society from the Restoration through the American War of Independence. Works by Aphra Behn, Mary Rowlandson, Alexander Pope, Benjamin Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards, among others, reveal the period's transformations of society, literature, and the mind.