Spring 2020

Friday, March 20, 2020 to Friday, June 5, 2020
Course Number Title Instructor
ENGL 10 Introduction to Literary Study Gilmore, Timothy
ENGL 25 Literature and the Information, Media, and Communication Revolutions Liu, Alan
ENGL 50 Introduction to U.S. Minority Literature Rana, Swati
ENGL 65 FM Vampires, Monsters, Madness: Fables of Modernity Wicke, Jennifer
ENGL 105A Shakespeare, Poems and Earlier Plays Fumerton, Patricia
ENGL 106CW Catalyst Writing Collective Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 108CC Chronicles of Desire-Creative Nonfiction Moraga, Cherríe
ENGL 122UK Rogues and Scoundrels Salton-Cox, Glyn
ENGL 122UM Urban Modernity Salton-Cox, Glyn
ENGL 128AF Animal Fiction Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 145 Studies in English Renaissance Literature Andrea, Bernadette
ENGL 146GB Literature of Technology Douglass, Jeremy
ENGL 165EE Experimental Empathies: Forms of Fellow Feeling in U.S. Literature Waid, Candace
ENGL 165EM Early Modern Women Writers McCants, Kristen
ENGL 165IB Indigenous Border Studies Salomon, Amrah
ENGL 165NJ Native Justice: Settler Colonialism, Legality, and Decolonization Salomon, Amrah
ENGL 165RC Reading Communities: The Social Life of Literature Droge, Abigail
ENGL 170MI American Cultures of Mental Illness Miller, Jesse
ENGL 179 British Romantic Writers Donelan, James
ENGL 191 Afro-American Fiction and Criticism, 1920's to the present Blake, Felice
ENGL 192DF Science Fiction: Dystopian Fiction Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 192EF Science Fiction: Ecofiction Jue, Melody
ENGL 197 Black Aesthetics Blake, Felice
ENGL 197 Early Modern Intersectionality Andrea, Bernadette
ENGL 197 Model Minorities: Controversies in Ethnic Literature Rana, Swati
ENGL 197 Virginia Woolf's Geographies Wicke, Jennifer
ENGL 231 Early Modern Women Writers Fumerton, Patricia
ENGL 234 J.M. Coetzee Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 236 Studies in Literary Criticism and Theory Douglass, Jeremy
ENGL 265SF Metabolic Science Fiction Jue, Melody
ENGL 591 Doctoral Colloquium Duffy, Enda