Foreign Literature In Translation

Option 2: Foreign Literature in Translation

Option 2 complements the English major with the study of foreign literature in translation taught by those who are expert in the original language.

To fulfill Option 2, a student needs to complete two upper-division foreign-literature-in-translation courses to be selected from a list available in the English department office. The literature-in-translation courses must be taken for a letter grade.

  • Students interested in petitioning a course outside the English Department to count for credit towards the major (including the Foreign Language in Translation courses) must provide the syllabus for the course. The Undergrad Chair will be able to evaluate the course to see if there is enough course content to count for an English course. Please email the Undergrad Advisor the course syllabus and they will assist you with the petition process.

A list of all approved foreign literature in translation courses, as well as offerings identified for the upcoming quarter, can be obtained at the Engilsh Department office or via the following link:

Approved Literature in Translation Courses 2020-2021

For the quarter list please click here.




 The following list of courses applies to area B of option II of the foreign language requirement for the English major.  All courses must be taken for a letter grade.  Two courses are required.

Black Studies:  130A, 130B

Chinese:  110A, 112A, 115A, 139, 143, 144

Classics:  102, 109, 110, 120, 125, 130, 171, 175 

Comparative Literature:  103*, 107*, 122A, 122B, 154*, 161*, 171*, 179B*, 180*, 188, 191* 

English:  116A/B, 119X, 128EN*, 144*, 184

(These courses may apply to Option II or as upper division English electives, but may not be used simultaneously in both areas.)

French:  153A, 153B, 153C, 153D*, 153E, 153F, 154A*, 154D, 154E, 154F, 154G, 155A, 155C, 156C

German:  116A, 151C*, 164E-G, 170, 179B*, 187

Italian:  114X, 124X, 142X, 148X, 179X 

Japanese:  111, 112, 115, 141, 149, 157

Korean:  113

Portuguese:  115AA-ZZ, 120AA-ZZ 

Religious Studies:  114X, 115A, 131J, 189A/B/C

Slavic:  117AA-ZZ, 120, 123A/B/C/D, 151C*, 154* 164B/C

Spanish:  115B, 116, 120A/B, 142A/B, 181, 190


*Be aware that these courses are cross-listed. You may only take one of these courses to count towards the requirement. Check the UCSB course catalog to see the specific cross-listed courses.