English 199: Independent Study

Undergraduate Independent Studies: English 199

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An English 199 Independent Studies Course offers qualified students an opportunity to pursue a directed and advanced study of a particular subject in British or American literature. English 199 may not be used for internships, general interest reading, fulfillment of any part of the Option 2 language requirement, the exclusive study of any foreign literature in translation, or subject study normally available in regular classes. In special cases a creative writing project may be accepted usually under the direction of a department creative writing instructor.

An English 199 is likely to be the closest experience to individual, original research at the graduate level an undergraduate can have. Because this is partly a directed-reading course, it is recommended that applicants first complete an upper-division course relevant to the subject to be studied. Before applying students should focus on an area of study, problems to solve within it, and a methodology to solve them. For a 4-unit course, the departmental norm for the writing requirement is 15 pages (approximately 4,000 words) of sustained writing.

Requirements for enrolling in English 199:

  1. Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) must be at least 3.0 for the preceding three quarters.
  2. At least 84 units must have been completed overall.
  3. At least two upper-division English courses must have been completed, one of which should be relevant to the subject to be studied.

Approval for a 199 cannot be rushed and is to be completed in the quarter before the project is begun. Do not start the project without full approval and an add-code so you can register for the course!!!

Students are limited to 5 units per quarter and 30 units total for all 98/99 and 198/199/199RA courses combined. A maximum of 8 units of 199/199RA may apply toward the English major.

To find regular faculty members' area of specialization, visit the undergraduate adviser, or see the Faculty Research Interests link under People. Talk to instructors whose interests correspond with the proposed project and, upon agreement, discuss pertinent readings and writing requirements. During the quarter for which the 199 is undertaken, meetings with the instructor will be once a week for 1-2 hours to direct the research, reading, and writing.

To apply, please fill out the application link at the top or obtain a paper copy in the South Hall Student Service Center in South Hall room 3432.