English 199RA: Research Assistance

Undergraduate Independent Research Assistance: English 199RA

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The English 199RA Independent Research Assistance Course gives qualified undergraduates a chance to assist in a faculty research project. The 199RA is designed not only to forward participating instructors' interests, but also to give students significant research experience beyond what would be received in an ordinary undergraduate course.

For each four-unit 199RA course expect to do 10-12 hours of work per week, including a one-hour meeting with the instructor and a significant amount of reading and writing. Professors actively seeking assistants will include a description of their projects with the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) office. Announcements will be made on the English Undergraduate Listserv also.

If there is a faculty member who has not advertised, but whose area of interest corresponds to yours, ask if an assistant is needed. To find regular faculty members' areas of specializations, visit the undergraduate adviser or see the Faculty Research Interests link under People.

Requirements for enrolling in English 199RA:

  1. Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) must be at least 3.0 for the preceding three quarters.
  2. At least 84 units must have been completed overall.
  3. At least two upper-division English courses must have been completed, one of which should be relevant to the subject to be studied.

Students are limited to 5 units per quarter and 30 units total for all 98/99 and 198/199/199RA courses combined. A maximum of 8 units of 199/199RA may apply toward the English major.

Approval for a 199 cannot be rushed and is to be completed in the quarter before the project is begun. Do not start the project without full approval and an add-code so you can register for the course!!!

To apply, please fill out the form on top or obtain a paper copy by visiting the South Hall Student Service Center in South Hall room 3432.