Supplemental Seminars

Qualified students may take advantage of special seminar courses that are often offered in conjunction with large lecture courses (i.e English 10 and 10S, English 101 and 101S, etc). These one-unit supplementary seminars provide an opportunity for motivated students to work closely with faculty instructors while enriching their large lecture experience. The requirements of the seminar will include reading and/or writing beyond that already assigned in the lecture course. The seminar is a supplement to the main course and as such does not take the place of the regular discussion section for the lecture, which is conducted by a teaching assistant.

If a special seminar will be offered, the faculty member will announce the course on the first day of lecture, along with his or her criteria for admitting students. Students in the Letters & Science Honors Program usually receive priority for admission into the seminar, as the seminars are part of the requirements to complete the College Honors Program, but other students may be admitted based on available space. If you are admitted to the seminar, the instructor will give you a course approval code that will allow you to add the course to your schedule.