• Course Number: ENGL 236
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  • Quarter: Fall 2024
This course offers an opportunity to study all nine novels by Woolf. It is designed as an introduction to her oeuvre and can be taken whether you have previously studied Woolf or not. For beginners, excerpts will suffice. Key issues for critical discussion include Woolf’s rethinking of the theory and the form of the novel (considering such issues as voice, point of view, symbolism), gender and writing, life-writing, memory and history, political questions (such as feminism, socialism and anti-fascism), consciousness and mind, and her intertextual relations to other writers. The final essay is expected to show substantial knowledge of at least three novels (unless otherwise arranged). Reading:
Early ‘Dramatic’ Woolf: The Voyage Out (1915), Night and Day (1919).
Middle ‘Experimental’ Woolf: Jacob’s Room (1922), Mrs Dalloway (1925), To the Lighthouse (1927), Orlando (1928), The Waves (1931).
Late ‘Historical’ Woolf: The Years (1937); Between the Acts (posth. 1941).


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