The department’s organization into ten research centers provides a number of opportunities for graduate research beyond the individual dissertation project. Center directors, RAs and other associated graduate students plan department events collaboratively, offering students the chance to shape their center’s public programming. Center events regularly include conferences and workshops, which offer graduate students similar opportunities for planning and participation. Ongoing departmental research initiatives such as the English Broadside Ballads Archive (EBBA) provide additional research opportunities for graduate students, including paid RA positions. Beyond the department, UCSB’s Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) supports a number of graduate funding schemes including the Research Focus Group scheme, which brings together graduate students and faculty from at least two departments to share work and conduct research on a specific theme.


Interdisciplinary Certificates

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Recent Dissertations

Gerson, Sage. The Leaky Grid: Black and Native Electrified Imaginaries.
Raychawdhuri, Anita. Talking Dirty: Queer Performance, Racialized Spectacle, and Empire in Early Modern English Drama.
Urcaregui, Maite J. Visual Poetics, Racial Politics: Seeing Citizenship in Multiethnic US Literatures.

Badley III, Dana. Kangaroos Among the Beauty: Painting and Queer Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century American Literature.
Mazur, Dalia Bolotnikov. At Home in Pieces: Forms of Fragmentation in Caribbean and Jewish Diasporic Literatures.
Paiella, Giorgina Samira. Feeling Machines: Affect, Automation, and Machinic Assemblages of the Self.

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