What does research in literature look like? There are many possibilities! Students in the English Department have followed their interests to develop research papers and projects on topics like young adult fiction, graphic novels, feminist science fiction, medieval romance, climate fiction and trauma, cognitive studies and Virginia Woolf, James Joyce and literary form, the Transpacific diaspora, digital humanities approaches to distant reading, and many more.

  • The Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program is designed to aid and encourage English majors who want to conduct research beyond the level of ordinary course assignments. Arnhold Fellows participate in colloquiums and present their research to the department at the year-end Research Showcase.
  • Qualified undergraduates can gain additional experience through individualized courses, including assisting in a faculty research project, taking an internship, or developing original research through independent study.
  • The Honors Program in English provides the opportunity for qualified majors to undertake advanced literary research in the writing of a Senior Honors Thesis.
  • Some grant-funded projects also require undergraduate assistance.

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