• Course Number: ENGL 122CD
  • Prerequisites:

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    May be repeated for credit providing letter designations are different.

  • Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 122AA-ZZ
  • Quarter: Spring 2011

May be repeated for credit to a maximum of 28 units provided letter designations are different.
Note: room changed to PSYCH 1924.

Based in the narrative study of the regions of southern California, this course explores the dream and the nightmare of Southern California in relation not just to Northern California, but also to the rest of the nation. Texts include nature writing, essays, novels, short stories, poems, films, paintings, and songs. Subjects include: historical and cultural origins, migration and immigration, real estate and water, urban noir, youth culture as well as science fiction and ecological confrontations. The class will read works by Austin, Steinbeck, Chandler, Mosely, Didion, Dick, Morales, and Rechy. The required films include: The Big Sleep, Slippery when Wet, Gidget, The Birds, and Blade Runner.


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