Arrival of the Printing Press in the Maker Lab

Printing Press

Professor Paddy Fumerton and Kristy McCants, Assistant Director of EBBA, celebrate the arrival and installation of a mid-19th century Albion pull-press for the new UCSB Maker Lab on Friday, August 25th. The Maker Lab is part of a larger initiative being launched by Humanities and Fine Arts Dean John Majewski, called the Digital Arts and Humanities Commons, to showcase and experiment with the full history of printing from the original-style pull press, to digital printing, to 3-D printing. The pull-press was brought to UCSB under the direction of Professor Fumerton, in coordination with Mayra Magaña (Financial Manager of SASC), and the EBBA grads, especially Kristy McCants. The Digital Arts and Humanities Commons will be directed by Assistant Professor Jeremy Douglass. An official ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for late September.