Research + Activism
With a keynote talk by Dr. Faithe J. Day



Digital Arts & Humanities Commons (DAHC), Music Building 1410

In the recent era of Black Lives Matter, the “wall” against Latinx peoples in the U.S. or barriers against migrants elsewhere, renewed attacks on people of Asian ancestry—and, in a general and longer vista, the buildup of concerns for racial, ethnic, indigenous, immigrant, and non-binary gendered people as well as for economic precarity and many kinds of non-privileged life—what should, or can, research be to mold “scholar activism,” “applied research,” “research impact,” or “community engagement” to today’s activism trying to change society?

In turn how is activism reshaped by today’s research, including new digital and networked methods? What are the traditions, innovations, and problems of blended research activism—in higher education and other organizations (community, NGO, the arts, etc.)? How do different disciplines theorize and practice such work? And how does the U.S. compare to other national or regional research frameworks in this regard?

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