To enroll in a closed or full English Department course:

  • Sign up for the waitlist through the GOLD enrollment system, if available
    • Do not e-mail the professor unless the course is designated  “enrollment by permission only.”
  • Go to the first class meeting AND the first meeting of your desired discussion section, if the course has sections.
  • Priority of enrollment is at the discretion of the instructor. Criteria to be considered are: wait-list status, major/minor, seniority, date of contact, English Department Specialization, and other factors deemed relevant by the professor.
  • If you are unable to attend the first class meeting due to religious observance, illness, or other unavoidable conflict, please contact the professor via e-mail before the first class meeting, or, if that is impossible, directly afterwards.
  • Absence from the first class meeting is grounds for being dropped from the course. Nonetheless, if you wish to drop a class, it is your responsibility to withdraw from the course through GOLD before the drop deadline.