English Department Resources

The South Hall Administrative Support Center (SASC) is located in the 3400 Suite, South Hall. The office is open from 9-12 pm and 1-4 pm daily, to assist you with instructional support needs. For comprehensive guidelines on setting up and using campus-wide software (incl. Zoom, Gauchocast, Canvas, etc), see LSIT’s Help Center

If you are teaching in a department classroom (SH 2635, 2509, 2617, 2714, & 1415) please see the Instructional Program Assistant at the front desk in South Hall 3431 to check out a classroom key. Please remember to return the key at the end of the quarter. The English Dept Digital Systems & Scholarship Specialist should be able to lend assistance should you need technical help with department-controlled classrooms.

All department controlled classrooms have media equipment including a projector; please note that a lectern key is necessary to use classroom computers/projection equipment. Contact Classroom Services in order to obtain a lectern key. Additionally, you may need to borrow a cable adaptor from Classroom Services/bring your own if you plan to use your own computer to teach or present. You can review Instructional Development’s instructions and guidelines for using classroom lecterns here. The UCSB Library also allows patrons to check out laptops, cables, chargers, and other technical equipment free of charge. We urge you to  familiarize yourself with the equipment needed for your course(s) well in advance of the start of the class.

If you need technical assistance in a teaching classroom, please contact Instructional Development’s Classroom Services office (you can also call them at 805-893-3549 for immediate assistance during business hours).

If you’d like to put an item on Course Reserves, please refer to the Davidson Library Course Reserve page. If you’d like to show a film in your class, you can search the UCSB film catalog and/or request that Classroom Services obtain a digital copy here