English Department Resources

The South Hall Administrative Support Center in the 3400 Suite, South Hall, is open 9-12 and 1-4 pm daily to assist you with instructional support needs.

If you are teaching in a department controlled classroom, please see the Instructional Program Assistant at the front desk in South Hall 3431 to check out a classroom key (or to receive a door code for room 1415/17).  Please remember to return the key at the end of the quarter.

The English Department controlled classrooms are: SH 2635, SH 2617, SH 2714, and SH 1415.

All department controlled classrooms have media equipment for DVD and video/data projection.

If you need technical assistance with an English Department classroom, please give the staff at least 24 hours notice. We urge you to please familiarize yourself with the equipment needed for your course(s) well in advance of the start of the class. To the greatest extent possible, we would like to avoid last minute, urgent requests.

If you need to reserve the TV/VCR cart, department laptop, or portable LED projector for temporary use, you may do so at the front desk in South Hall 3431.  Note that the department TV/VCR cart cannot leave the 2nd floor of South Hall.

Non-English Department Resources

For technology and media services and support related to classrooms outside of English Department control (i.e. general assignment rooms, any room other than SH 2635, 2617, 2714, or SH 1415), including equipment demonstrations and/or media rentals, please contact Media Equipment at Kerr Hall 1160 (805-893-3549).

Many classrooms have built-in TVs/VCRs, digital projects, and are wired for Internet hookup. To determine what resources are available in your non-English department assigned room, see the Registrar list of general assignment rooms.

The Davidson Library has an info site at http://www.library.ucsb.edu/depts/access. The Library’s quarterly book reservation services, “Course Reserves,” can be utilized to put books on reserve for students for a given class. Details are available at: http://www.library.ucsb.edu/course-reserves.