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By Natalie Gomez The Oxford English Dictionary defines dystopia as “an imaginary place or...
An obituary for  Professor Emeritus Patrick J. McCarthy  

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Faculty Bookshelf

Women and Islam in Early Modern English Literature
Andrea, Bernadette

In this innovative study, Bernadette Andrea focuses on the...

Renaissance Ecology: Imagining Eden in Milton's England
Hiltner, Ken

These essays consider how writers and artists such as John Milton...

The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative
Abbott, H. Porter

What is narrative? How does it work and how does it shape our lives and the texts we read? H....

Invaluable Trees: Cultures of Nature, 1660-1830
Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn

Trees and tree products have long been central to human...

Vox intexta: Orality and Textuality in the Middle Ages
Pasternack, Carol Braun

Brings together interrelated essays on aspects of oral...

The Subaltern Ulysses
Duffy, Enda

How might an IRA bomb and James Joyce's Ulysses have anything in common? Could this masterpiece of modernism, written at the violent...